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Hockey: Positions and pride at stake as season end approaches

Final weekend awaits with fate of some sides still to be decided (Fixtures - 1 April)

Saturday, 1 April

Ladies Premier League

12.35 - Bacchas A vs Castletown A @ NSC

14.05 - Valkyrs A vs Vikings A @ QEII

Men's Premier League

12.35 - Valkyrs A vs Bacchas A @ QEII

Ramsey A P-P Vikings A

Castletown A P-P Bacchas B

Ladies Division One

12.35 - Bacchas C vs Vikings B @ KWC

14.05 - Harlequins A vs Bacchas B @ NSC

15.35 - Valkyrs B vs Ramsey A @ QEII

Men's Division One

Valkyrs B P-P Harlequins A

Vikings C P-P Vikings B 

Ladies Division Two

12.35 - Vikings C vs Valkyrs C @ CRHS

Castletown C H-W Ramsey B (Ramsey B unable to field a team)

15.35 - Harlequins B vs Castletown D @ NSC

Men's Division Two

12.35 - Castletown B vs Ramsey B @ RGS

14.05 - Bacchas Colts vs Castletown C @ RGS

Mixed Under-15's League

11.05 - Vikings vs Bacchas @ CRHS

11.05 - Valkyrs vs Castletown Sharks @ QEII

11.05 - Harlequins vs Castletown Sabres @ NSC


Report by Ben Cunningham:

It’s the final weekend in what has been a thrilling season of Manx Hockey.

In the Rossborough Ladies Premier league, Bacchas A play league champions Castletown A after they secured the title last week following their draw when they played Valkyrs A. Vikings A play Valkyrs A this weekend with both teams hoping they can finish the season with a win. 

In the Rossborough Men's Premier League, Valkyrs A play champions Bacchas A who will be hoping they can end the season unbeaten with a win over the Westerners. 

In the Rossborough Ladies Division One, Ramsey A play Valkyrs B with both teams hoping they can get the runners-up spot in this league it looks set to be a close match. Vikings B play Bacchas C who were sadly relegated last weekend following their result. Bacchas B play league champions Harlequins A with 'quins' hoping they can get the win and finish the season by only dropping just one point all season. 

In the Rossborough Ladies Division Two, Valkyrs C who had a good win last weekend play Vikings C in what looks to be a close match up. Finally Harlequins B play Castletown D who will hope they can get the win this weekend and finish the season runner- up. 

In the Rossborough Men's Divison Two, champions Castletown B play Ramsey B who will hope they can stop Castletown B finishing the season unbeaten. Castletown C play Bacchas Colts with Castletown C knowing if their B team win and if Castletown C can win they will jump ahead of Ramsey and finish runners-up.

Finally in the Rossborough Mixed U15’s, league champions Harlequins play Castletown Sabres, Valkyrs play Castletown Sharks and Vikings play Bacchas in what has been a really great junior league to watch unfold. 


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