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Hockey results for Saturday, February 11

Bacchas continue to dominate Men's top tier

PwC Men's Hockey Premier Division

Bacchas A 13-0 Bacchas B

Castletown A 0-3 Valkyrs A


PwC Women's Hockey Premier Division

Bacchas A 7-2 Harlequins A

Valkyrs A 5-0 Castletown A

Vikings A 2-1 Ramsey A


PwC Men's Division One

Bacchas Colts 3-2 Valkyrs B

Ramsey B 1-2 Harlequins A

Vikings B 2-2 Saracens A


PwC Women's Division One

Bacchas B 1-0 Vikings B

Valkyrs B 2-1 Valkyrs C


PwC Men's Division Two

Castletown B P-P Bacchas C

Vikings Colts 8-0 Harlequins B


PwC Women's Division Two

Bacchas 1-2 Harlequins B

Castletown B 0-2 Saracens A

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