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Hockey: Vikings A win men's prem for first time in over 35 years

Ladies Div 1 title also decided in finale to league season (Results: 6 Apr)


Ladies Premier League

Castletown A 1-0 Bacchas A

Harlequins 4-1 Castletown B


Men's Premier League

Harlequins A 4-2 Bacchas B

Castletown A 0-4 Vikings A (Vikings A are Men's Premier League champions)

Bacchas A 4-0 Valkyrs A


Ladies Division One

Bacchas B 6-2 Castletown C

Vikings B H-W Bacchas C (Bacchas C unable to field a team)

Valkyrs B 1-1 Ramsey A (Ramsey A are Ladies Division One champions)

Men's Division One

Valkyrs B 4-3 Vikings B

Vikings C A-W Ramsey A (Vikings C unable to field a team)

Harlequins B 1-3 Castletown B


Ladies Division Two

Harlequins B 1-2 Ramsey B

Castletown D 3-3 Valkyrs C

Vikings C 1-0 Castletown E


Men's Division Two

Castletown C P-P Bacchas D

Bacchas Colts 1-13 Ramsey B


Under-15's League

Valkyrs P-P Castletown Sabres

Ramsey Rogues & Rascals 0-7 Harlequins

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