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Hurst resigns as Chief Marshal

Roger Hurst has resigned from his position of Chief Marshal to the T.T..

He's the latest official to quit after stinging criticism from Coroner Michael Moyle at the inquest into the three deaths at the 26th Milestone during last year's Senior race.

Mr Moyle accused Mr Hurst of being "complacent, self-satisfied and reluctant to accept what was glaringly obvious" in his report.

He went on to say the positions of some of the key people involved were now untenable, and that while he had no power to ban or exclude them, they should have no significant participation in future motorcycling events in the Isle of Man.

Roger Hurst's resignation follows that of Chief Sector Marshal Cathy Pullen.

After 33 years as a marshal, Roger Hurst says he had no alternative but to resign after lengthy consideration of the remarks made by the Coroner.

In his letter, he pays tribute to the marshals saying "the commitment and dedication shown by them is humbling and their support has been tremendous......without them those who wish to take part in the ultimate challenge would not be able to chase their dreams".

Mr Hurst declined to be interviewed by Manx Radio saying he will be making no further comment...and now intends to enjoy spending his retirement watching somewhere and enjoying the spectacle.

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