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Netball: Goal-for-goal games in all leagues

Two draws and three one-point-wins

Premier Division

Route 1 Connections 33-32 Ballasalla Alpha

Manx Gems Rubies 30-31 Thompson Travel 1

Simcocks Blue Eagles 31-41 Ballasalla Bravo

Browne Craine Toomraiders 16-23 Simcocks Gold Eagles

Simcocks Red Eagles 41-22 Marbree Missfits A

Division One

Long & Humphrey Toomraiders 23-39 Simcocks Green Eagles

Manx Gems Sapphires 25-25 Thompson Travel 2

Thompson Travel 3 24-33 Dam Plant Young Farmers A

Route 1 Turbos 21-32 Ballasalla Charlie

Marbree Missfits B 31-30 Castletown Spaniards

Division Two

Castletown Celts 21-21 Simcocks Silver Eagles

Ballasalla Delta 8-32 Manx Gems Emeralds

Route 1 Volts (conceded)0-40 Ramsey Black

WDS Ltd Young Farmers B 26-12 Simcocks White Eagles

Ballasalla Echo 23-12 Ramsey Red


Division 1

Route 1 Turbos  21-32 Suntera Global Ballasalla Charlie
POTM Amelia Quinn from Suntera Global Ballasalla Charlie

On paper this looked like it would be an easy game for top of the division Ballasalla Charlie, however, Route 1 Turbos did not make it easy for them and fought from the very outset.

The Ballasalla defensive duo of Sarah Lister (GK) and Steph Haslett (GD) were able to capitalise on some early Turbos errors which their shooters Kath Kermode (GS) and Amelia Quinn (GA) easily converted allowing Ballasalla to creep ahead slightly at the start of the first quarter. However, Route 1 Turbos soon settled and the play flowed well from the midcourt between Becky Lamb (WA) and Alice Willoughby (C) into the circle and the capable hands of Elena Reid (GA) and Ella Webster (GS). The first quarter ended with Balla taking a small 3 goal lead.

In the second quarter, Ballasalla made good use of their substitutes and brought on fresh legs in the form of Megan Carey (WD) and Gemma White (GK) to put pressure on the Turbos attack. Despite this, Turbos kept their cool and their defence in Freya Skillicorn (GD) and Lisa McMullin (GK) worked well together to get vital under post rebounds which Turbos attackers were able to capitalise on. Turbos, despite an overall goal difference of 2 goals, won this quarter overall scoring 8 goals to Balla's 7.

In the Third quarter, Ballasalla continued to work hard and their attack in Janet Lawrinson (C) and Megan Carey (WA) linked well through to the midcourt to feed the ever accurate Quinn (GA) and Kermode (GS) in shooting circle. Katie Willson (Turbos WD) continued to apply defensive pressure and did her best along with Skillicorn (GD) and McMulllin (GK) to disrupt the Balla attack. At the end of this quarter Ballasalla led the match 25 goals to Turbos 17.

In the final quarter, Balla’s fresh and rested legs came into their own as Turbos, who were missing key players due to injury and illness and therefore limited in their options, began to tire. At the end of this quarter, Ballasalla led the match 32 goals to Turbos 21. POTM - Amelia Quinn Ballasalla Charlie.
Division 2

Suntera Global Ballasalla Echo 23-12 Ramsey Red
POTM Sophie Long for Suntera Global Ballasalla Echo

This was going to be a harder match for Ramsey Reds with Ballasalla being higher in the division but it didn’t mean Ramsey let them beat them without a fight.The match started out with Ballasalla making the first point. Both teams then had great strength in defence with both Emma Vondy (Ramsey) and Shrav Sivakumar (Ballasalla), each of them challenging their oppositions attackers. The teams matched each other until the end of the quarter the score was 4-4.

The second quarter started off with both Sophie Long (Ballasalla) and Charlie Callow-Moore (Ballasalla) finding their flow. Ava Brown (Ramsey) ran tirelessly across the court trying to get every interception she could. Kitty Thomas (Ballasalla) did this as well, making both teams play at their best. However, at half time,  Ballasalla had moved into the lead 12-6.

Going into the third quarter, Ballasalla and Ramsey both made changes in their teams.  Ballasalla chased and collected any loose balls and some great rebounds from Daisy Downs (Ballasalla)  meant that by the end of the quarter the score was 20-7 to Ballasalla.

The final quarter started with Louise Tebay (Ramsey) and Isla Gale (Ramsey) both fighting incredibly well gaining point after point.  More goals from Ramsey linked increased defensive pressure in all areas of the court led to Ramsey scoring more points in the last quarter than Ballasalla but the goal difference was too wide to bridge. Both teams worked incredibly well up to the final whistle but Ballasalla thoroughly deserved their win with the final score being 23-12.

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