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Netball reports, results and fixtures

Match reports by Sadhbh O’Shea

Route 1 Connections v Toomraiders:
It was one-way traffic in the first quarter of this match as Route 1 climbed the Premier Division league table, beating Toomraiders 38 - 29. It looked like it was going to be a complete wash out until Toomraiders scored just before the first break ten minutes in to the game.
Raiders managed to reduce the deficit and increase the pressure but it was all too much for them. Route 1 managed to stay in control and proved quick on the counter attack with fast passes.
POTM: Jo Steriopulos for Route 1 and Rachael Cook for Toomraiders.

Pokerstars v C&S Joinery B
C&S Joinery B moved up to second place in Division One after defeating seventh-placed Pokerstars 34 – 26. Pokerstars came close to their first win of the season before being edged out by C&S in the latter stages. The game was pretty evenly matched the whole way through but C&S took advantage of a tiring opposition, ultimately converting more of their chances. Weary Pokerstars just couldn’t get past C&S’s GK & GD.
POTM: Linda Pannell for Pokerstars and Katie Quine for C&S Joinery B.

Misfits v Anglo Manx Electrical Services
Division One leaders Misfits continued their perfect start to the season, racking up another victory and extending their lead, beating Anglo Manx Electrical Services 55 - 17.
The game was a slow-burner, but as it got up to speed Anglo Manx had problems keeping up with the Misfits. Anglo Manx didn’t let their heads get down despite the ever-increasing gap and slowly got themselves back into the game. Misfits maintained a fast pace throughout the game, alongside their sturdy defense.
POTM: Vivia Styger for Misfits and Sue Webster for Anglo Manx Electrical Services.

Thompson A v C&S Joinery A
C&S Joinery A moved themselves a little closer to the top of the Premier Division with a dominating 47 - 24 victory over Thompson A. C&S had a strong start to the game and Thompson B were soon lagging behind.
There were several flashes of brilliance from Thompson but small mistakes outside the circle stopped them from scoring. Thompson A has had a difficult start to the season only taking one victory from four games.
POTM: Janet Sayle for Thompson A and Lucy Slater for C&S Joinery A.

Manx Glass Saints v Ramsey A
Ramsey A improved their slow start to the season with a big 38 - 9 victory over Manx Glass Saints in Division One. Saints got off to a steady start and were handed the chance to open the scoring but were denied the opportunity thanks to Ramsey’s excellent defense.
Saints kept piling on the on the pressure and eventually got on the scoreboard but Ramsey had already pulled out a significant lead. In the end Saints couldn’t contain the northerners, who used their short passes to get around the opposition.
POTM: Kym Hicklin for Manx Glass Saints and Penny Doran for Ramsey A.


Premier Division Route 1 38, Toomraiders 29; Thompson A 24, C&S Joinery A 47.

Division One Pokerstars 26, C&S Joinery B 34; Misfits 55, Anglo Manx 17; Manx Glass Saints 9, Ramsey A 38.

Fixtures - Sunday 7th November
NSC1: 9am Ballasalla A v Toomraiders; 10am C&S Joinery A v Route 1; 11am PWC MG Emeralds v Ashley Allstars.

NSC2: 9am Team DQ v C&S Joinery B; 10am PWC MG Rubies v Ballasalla B; 11am Ramsey A v Misfits.

QEII: 10am Pokerstars v Manx Glass Saints; 11am Anglo Manx v Vanilla Room.

CRHS: 9am Fencibles B v Nobody's Angels; 10am C&S Joinery C v Thompson B.

Junior fixtures
NSC1: 12noon C&S 2 v Misfits.

NSC2 12noon C&S 1 v Fencibles.

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