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Ramsey refused entry

Shimmin Wilson Manx Shield holders Ramsey have been refused entry to the R.F.U. National Junior Vase.

The Club has for some years competed off-Island in the Cheshire Plate competition, and had looked to spread its wings a little without the huge financial burden of League rugby.

However, The R.F.U. has refused the entry on the grounds that Ramsey don’t play in the English National Leagues and therefore don’t have to undergo the paper chasing of player registration.

This is a bitter blow for the northerners who were seeking to expand the club after successfully obtaining R.F.U. funding for a new clubhouse build just four years ago.

Skipper Tynan Pritchard said he was frustrated by the whole thing - “The club is good enough to qualify for financial assistance, but seemingly not good enough to play in an R.F.U. organised competition”.

Ramsey are currently in talks with the R.F.U. about exactly what can be done to make the competitions more inclusive.

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