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SHOOTING: Winter Series concludes with tie for A Class champion

Father-son battle for B Class title 

The forth and final round of the CU PLAS CALLOW Winter series DTL league was held at Meary Veg Santon with 19 competitors taking part in near ideal conditions.

The leader after the first round was A class shooter Steven Craine with a perfect 25/75 round, in second place also with a straight but with two second barrel kills was Mark Riley on 73 points with Phil Ward and junior Joe Faragher along with B class shooter Rob Corlett in equal third place on 72.

The leading C class shooter at this stage was Mark Sweetman with 23/68 with Will Rand in second place on 22/65  followed by Brian Kelly in third place on 20/65. At the end of the second round we had Will Rand in third place in C class on 114 with Brian Kelly taking second place on 116 but winning C class with a very good score of 130 was Mark Sweetman. 

In B Class we had Stan Cross in third place on 129 then we had the battle of the Corlett's for first and second and young Rob beat the old man by two points to take B class with 139 with his Dad David in second place on 137.

In A class Phil Ward was third place on 142 points but we had a tie for first place between Steven Craine and Mark Riley on 144 


A Class 

=1st M Riley , S Craine 49/144, 3rd P ward 48/142

B Class 

1st R Corlett 47/139,2nd D Corlett 47/137,3rd S Cross 44/129

C Class 

1st M Sweetman 45/130 ,2nd B Kelly 40/116, 3rd W rand 39/114

The overall league positions are as follows A Class 1st P Ward, 2nd M Walker 3rd P Kelly, B Class 1st R Corlett, 2nd S Cross,3rd D Corlett, C Class 1st M Sweetman, 2nd B Kelly, 3rd W Rand.


Report by Peter Kelly.

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