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Strong showing in UK outdoor tournament

The Isle of Man's top two Lady Compound shooters, Sarah Rigby and Aalin George, got their seasons off to fantastic starts in a big tournament in the United Kingdom. 

They travelled to the West Midlands over the weekend to compete in the Meridan Archery Club’s Pre Season FITA Star, a popular World Record Status tournament.

Custom Built Archery-backed Aalin registered a final score of 1349, a 16-point improvement on her personal best.

It was also her first ever Grand Master Bowman Classification score (three are required to claim the award).

She dominated the Junior class, and was fifth overall in the Senior Ladies Event.

Sarah was just a few points back with a final score of 1338 (her first Master Bowman Score of the year), which earned her sixth place (subject to final classification) in the Ladies Compound Event.

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