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150 years - celebration of Manx democracy

Keead blein dy lieh - jannoo ardeailley jeh deynlaght Vanninagh

Ta keead blein dy lieh er gholl shaghey neayr's ren Olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed, va er nyn reih ec paart jeh'n theay, offish y ghoaill ayns laue. Shoh immeeaght gheynlagh ta ardeailley er ny yannoo jeh, yn vee shoh.

Chum Tinvaal as Colleish yn Ollooscoill Vannin symposium, y jerrey shiaghtin shoh chaie (Jesarn). She 'Yn Chiare as Feed: Pooar, Parlamaid as y Pobble' va ennym yn tymposium.

Bun-chooish yn tymposium? Y cooylrey sheshoil as tarmaynagh jeh tagyhyrtyn cooyl gleashaghtyn aa-chummey Manninagh ayns y hoghtoo cheead jeig as y nuyoo cheead jeig, chammah as shennaghys slattyssagh as bunraghtoil.

Loayrtee-goaldagh, ghow ad stiagh y Dr Kit Gawne, y Dr Robert Fyson, y Dr Mike Hoy MBE, Mike J Southend MBE, as William Cain CBE OT.

Fer scanshoil elley va kionfenish, va shen yn Olloo Peter Edge ass Ollooscoill Oxford Brookes - t'eh ny ard-oayllee ayns leigh Vanninagh. Hoilshee eh magh yn oyr dy vel y kione-bleeaney cho scanshoil.

150 years - celebration of Manx democracy

It's been 150 years since the first popularly elected House of Keys entered office in the Isle of Man - a democratic benchmark being celebrated this month.

Tynwald and University College Isle of Man held a symposium on the weekend (Sat), styled 'House of Keys: Power, Parliament and the People'.

The focus? Social and economic context of events behind Manx reform movements in the 18th and 19th centuries, and legislative and constitutional history.

Guest speakers included Dr Kit Gawne, Dr Robert Fyson, Dr Mike Hoy MBE, Mike J Southend MBE, and William Cain CBE TH.

Another notable name present was Oxford Brookes University Professor Peter Edge, who specialises in Manx law - he explained why it's such a significant milestone.

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