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250% increase in demand for gas payment plans

Bishaghey 250% ayns aggyrt son plannyn dy eeck son gas

Bishaghey 27.5% ayns priosyn gas lurg att ayns costyssyn dowanagh

Ta bishaghey 250 per cent er jeet 'syn earroo dy leih 'syn Ellan shirrey skeaylley magh ny coontaghyn oc son chiow 'sy gheurey harrish ny meeaghyn s'choe.

Ta ny coontaghyn y vee shoh er nyn jannoo er liorish y vishaghey 27.5% ayns priosyn gas, ren Tinvaal coardail rish nurree kyndagh rish costyssyn dowanagh vees gyrjaghey dy mooar.   

She Jo Cox ta Oaseir Ard Sheckteragh Possan Bree ny Hellanyn.

AS JO COX : Ec y traa cheddin nurree va 84 plan goll ain, as t'ain nish ny smoo gollrish 298 plan goll, harrish ooilley ny coontaghyn. Myr shoh cha nee earroo feer vooar per cent jeh ooilley ny custymeryn t'ayn, agh bishaghey mooar dy liooar eh.

Ta Bnr Cox gra dy vel sleih jerkal dy jean ny costyssyn bishit tannaghtyn marin rish daa vlein.

AS JO COX : Nee mayd fakin priosyn gas slanechreck ec rate ny syjrey na v'ayn rieau rish daa vlein ec yn chooid sloo, agh lhisagh ny mulleeyn dy chaghlaays bieau goaill toshiaght er cheet dy ve rea, cheet gys Mean Souree, as livreys as aggyrt lhaggaghey.


Gas prices saw a 27.5% increase following a surge in global cost

There's been a 250 per cent increase in the number of people on the Island looking to spread their winter heating bills over the warmer months.

This month's bills have been hit by the 27.5% increase in gas prices, approved by Tynwald last year in light of soaring global costs.

Jo Cox is the Chief Executive Officer of the Island's Energy Group:

Mrs Cox says it's expected the increased costs will stay with us for two years.

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