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Air inks to Scotland to be restored

Kianglaghyn-aer lesh Nalbin dy ve currit er-ash

Oddagh kianglaghyn-aer gys as veih Nalbin ve currit er-ash dy leah, v'eh inshit da'n Chiare as Feed.

Va queig raaidyn-aer caillt, tra va'n creckeyder-tiggad Citywing er ny skeaylley oie Jeheiney - agh ta cooishyn goll er-oi; shirveishyn gys Beeal Feirshtey as Newcastle, ta Eastern Airways er gheddyn ad hannah.

Ayns y Chiare as Feed yn laa jea (Jemayrt), dooyrt y Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys Ray Harmer dy row resoonaghtyn fo raad dy chosney er-ash raaidyn-aer elley - goaill stiagh shirveish gys Nalbin.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta'n Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh cooney lesh y feed dy leih va gobbraghey da Citywing, obbyr y gheddyn. T'eh jerkit dy jinnagh lhuingyssyn-aer noa ennagh ad 'ailley.

Ta Mnr Harmer jerkallagh dy bee yn doilleeid er ny feaysley dy leah.

Air links to Scotland to be restored

Air links to and from Scotland could soon be restored, the House of Keys was told.

Five routes were dropped when ticket seller Citywing went into iiquidation on Friday night - but progress continues; services to Belfast and Newcastle have already been picked up by Eastern Airways.

In Keys yesterday (Tuesday), Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer said talks were underway to regain other destinations - including a service to Scotland.

The Department of Economic Development is currently assisting all 20 Citywing staff in finding work, and hopes any new airlines would consider employing them.

Mr Harmer is hopeful the problem will be resolved soon.

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