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Airport confirms plans to tackle security backlog

Purt-Aer feeraghey plannyn dy ghellal rish lhiettrimys-shickyrys

Ta lught phurt-aer Vannin gra dy vod ad nish feeraghey plannyn dy ghellal rish lhiettrimmys-shickyrys.

Ayns y Chiare as Feed Jemayrt, dooyrt y Shirveishagh, Ray Harmer, dy row ad geddyn costys ny plannyn ry-hoi mooadaghey yn ard-ronsee, chammah as plannyn d'osley daa lhoan ayns traaghyn-mullee.

Er y chonney Twitter oc Jemayrt, doyrt lught y phurt-aer dy row cowraghyn er nyn sharaghey, as dy row scaailanyn-fysseree ayn ry-hoi coyrlaghey da pashneyryn ny v'orroo dy yannoo roish my jagh ad gys y greie goull-X.

Va ymmyd jeant jeh meanyn sheshoil myrgeddin, dy hoilshaghey yn feme dy heet rish ayns traa dy iiooar son etlaghyn.

Ta lught y phurt-aer gra dy vel caghlaaghyn obbraidagh er nyn yannoo myrgeddin da ny coonreyderyn preevaadjagh ta stiurey yn çhirveish.

Airport confirms plans to tackle security backlog

Isle of Man airport says it can now confirm plans to tackle delays of security.

In the House of Keys on Tuesday, Minister Ray Harmer said plans to expand the search area were being costed up, as well as plans to open two lanes during peak periods.

On their Twitter feed on Tuesday, the airport said signage had been improved and there were information screens advising passengers what they need to do before getting to the X-ray machine.

Social media had also been used to highlight the need to arrive in good time for flights.

The airport says operational changes have also been made to the private contractors running the service.

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