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Another LegCo reform attempt in House of Keys

Eab elley sy Chiare as Feed dy aachummey yn Choonceil Slattyssagh

Hoie yn Chiare as Feed jea - as va eab elley jerkit dy aachummey yn Choonceil Slattyssagh.

Ec soie yn laa jea, Peter Karran, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skeerey Connaghyn, hirr eh kied dy chur lesh stiagh billey oltey preevaadjagh ry-hoi aachummey thie syrjey Hinvaal.

Ta Mnr Karran gra dy vel eh geearree dy jed y Choonceil er reih ec y theay, dy bee Olteynyn jeh'n Choonceil lhiettit veih çheet dy ve nyn shirveishee, as y reihalaght jeh persoonyn oddagh ve nyn shirreyderyn, dy jed shen er aa-reaghey.

Chammah as shen, va pabyr-feysht lhome lane ayn, lesh shiaght feyshtyn son freggyrtyn loayrit, as queig feyshtyn elley son freggyrtyn screeuit.

She Mnr Karran va dy chur toshiaght da feyshtyn, as eh briaght cre ta'n reiltys jannoo dy choadey sleih lesh çheet-stiagh injil veih geeck ny smoo ayns taillaghyn as nyn lheid na t'ad geeck ayns kesh.

As Alf Cannan, yn Oltey son Maayl, v'eh geearree feddyn magh cre'n fa nagh row freggyrt y reiltys ny stroshey as eh marish fockley ayns y vean, bentyn da cremmey veih Partee Obbraghys yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Ec soie yn voghrey, va'n Chiare as Feed dy hursmooinaghtyn harrish daa villey: yn billey soilshaghey magh 2014 as yn billey slattys 2014 - v'ad dy gholl er stiurey trooid nyn geimyn-olt liorish Juan Kodhere, y Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie.

Another LegCo reform attempt in House of Keys

The House of Keys sat yesterday - with another attempt to reform Legislative Council on the cards.

During yesterday's sttting, Onchan MHK Peter Karran asked for leave to introduce a private member's bill to make changes to Tynwald's upper house.

Mr Karran says he wants to make it popularly elected, ban MLCs from becoming ministers, and adjust the eligibility of potential candidates.

There was also a packed question paper, with seven queries for oral answer and another five for written reply.

Mr Karran was to open questions, asking what the government's doing to protect people on lower incomes from paying more in fees and charges than they do in tax.

And Michael MHK Alf Cannan wanted to know why the government's response to criticisms from the UK's Labour Party wasn't stronger, with a press release to the media.

Two bills were to be considered during the morning sitting: the Interpretation Bill 2014 and the Legislation Bill 2014 were to be steered through their clauses stage by Home Affairs Juan Watterson.

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