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Any delay to border reopening 'detrimental to hospitality'

Cumrail erbee er fosley cagliagh 'jannoo skielley da goaldeeaght'

Cumrail erbee er fosley cagliagh 'skeillagh da goaldeeaght'

OCF cheet stiagh er strateish bollagh magh choud's ta Coonceil ny Shirveishee freayll arrey er stayd 'syn RU

Yinnagh cumrail erbee ayns aa-fosley caglieeyn yn Ellan lurg 28 Mean Souree cur builley 'feer trome' er y jeadys goaldeeaght.

Haink ny goan veih Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar Chris Robertshaw lurg da'n ard shirveishagh loayrt ayns Tinvaal mychione y strateish bollagh magh. 

Ta Howard Quayle gra dy nee slane kiarail Coonceil ny Shirveishee eh dy aa-fosley liorish jerrey y nah vee, agh dy vel eh croghey er beoynyn rish cooishyn coronavirus 'syn RU.

Ta Mnr Robertshaw gra dy voddagh cumrail erbee ve skeillagh da'n jeadys goaldeeaght.

AS CHRIS ROBERTSHAW : Kerroo jeeigeyrit, cur eab er troggal seose eh hene son fosley, agh eisht t'eh feddyn magh dy vel yn costys jeh goll gys 28 as fosley, dy vel ad currit ass ynnyd er coontey sheeyney magh elley ny sodjey. Ta costys er shen neesht da thieyn dellal ta jeeigeyrit hannah. Bee cumrail elley 'sy date son fosley y jeadys goaldeeaght ny cooish feer eer trome dy jarroo.

Agh va'n aa-hickyrys shoh ec Mnr Quayle.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Shen yn red s'jerree ta shin laccal, as ta fys aym dy beagh eh couyr s'jerree eh dy bollagh. Agh ta caveat aym, ta shin cur barrant ayn, wheesh as vod mayd, 28, dy nee mayd cooilleeney shen. Agh v'eh orrin cur sheese caveat.

MHK weighs in on exit strategy as Council of Ministers monitors UK situation

Any delay to reopening the Island's borders beyond the 28 June would have a 'very serious' impact on the hospitality industry.

Douglas East MHK Chris Robertshaw made the comments after the chief minister spoke in Tynwald about the exit strategy.

Howard Quayle said it's the Council of Ministers' full intention to reopen by the end of next month, but it depends on coronavirus case trends in the UK.

Mr Robertshaw said any delay could be detrimental to the hospitality industry.

Mr Quayle though had some reassurance.

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