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Australian TT under discussion

TT Austrailagh goll er resooney

Oddagh e lhiaggan hene jeh'n TT ve ec yn Austrail dy leah, kyndagh rish faaue dy noddagh ratçhal-raad goll er cummal ec slyst-marrey hiar ny çheerey.

David Rollins jeh Inside Line Events International, t'eh er chur magh plannyn son ratçh TT Slyst-Marrey Soilshean-Greiney jeeragh çheu-twoaie Brisbane, as t'eh er chummal daa haglym theayagh marish cummaltee ynnydagh.

She earisheyr Bruce Atkinson ayns Co-chorp Creeley yn Austrail - t'eh gra dy vel ram dy ve jeant roish my oddagh yn chied immeeaght goll er cummal Mee ny Nollick shoh çheet.

Agh hoilshee eh dy vel jeeanid fir-reaghee bishit ec immeeaght yn Ellan, as dy nhione daue hannah coorse oddagh goll er ymmydey.

Australian TT under discussion

Australia could soon have its own version of the TT after a suggestion roadracing could be held on the country's East coast.

David Rollins of Inside Line Events International has unveiled plans for a Sunshine Coast TT race just north of Brisbane, and has held two public meetings with local residents.

Bruce Atkinson is a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation - he says the plans have a long way to go before the first event could be held next December.

But he revealed organisers say they're inspired by the Island's event, and already have a potential course in mind.

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