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Bakery closure will have 'significant implications' for food chain

Dooney thie fuinnee cur-lesh 'eiyrtyssyn cummyssagh mooarey' son slouree bee

Ard shirveishagh gra dy daink fogrey myr 'yindys magh as magh'

Ta'n ard shirveishagh gra dy jean dooney Thie Fuinnee Rhumsaa cur-lesh 'eiyrtyssyn cummyssagh mooarey' son slouree cur bee yn Ellan.

Dinsh Alfred Cannan da Radio Vannin dy daink fogrey y cholught dy vel eh dy ghooney ec jerrey Mee Averil myr 'yindys magh as magh'.

Ta Thie Fuinnee Rhumsaa gra dy vel preays roish 'veih ymmodee ardyn' as nagh vel 'reih rieugh ayn agh dy scuirr veih dellal'.

T'eh gra neesht dy vel costyssyn ny bun-stooghyn 'er vooadaghey ec rate gyn cosoylley' as dy vel costyssyn bree vees gyrjaghey cur 'builley mooar' er coontey yn saase dy aarlaghey.

Ta Mnr Cannan gra dy vel shoh red ennagh as t'eh er yn reiltys jeeaghyn er myr cooish trome.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Cha nel chaghteraght er jeet dooin veih'n thie fuinnee dy row shoh fosyn. Loayr mee rish fer jeh ny stiureyderyn riyr (Jesarn 2 Mee Averil). Ta shin reaghey dy heet ry cheilley cho leah's vees possible, as loayr mee rish Clare Barber, yn Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys, moghrey jiu (Jedoonee 3 Mee Averil). Ta shin ayns coardail dy vel eiyrtyssyn cummyssagh mooarey son yn slouree cur bee 'syn Ellan, as eiyrtyssyn cummyssagh son colughtyn elley. Myr shoh ta feme ain cheet ry cheilley dy preaysagh rish y thie fuinnee dy hoiggal yn clane cooish.


Chief minister says announcement came as a 'complete surprise'

The chief minister says the closure of Ramsey Bakery will have 'significant implications' for the Island's food supply chain.

Alfred Cannan told Manx Radio the company's announcement that it's closing at the end of April came as a 'complete surprise'.

Ramsey Bakery says it's facing pressure 'on many fronts' and there is no 'realistic option but to cease trading'.

It adds that raw material costs have 'escalated at an unprecedented rate' and rising energy costs are having a 'significant impact' due to the nature of production.

Mr Cannan says it's something government has to take seriously:

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