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Ban on mobile phones considered by CRHS

Smooinaghtyn er lhiettrymys er shooyleeyn ayns SACR

Barellyn shirrit veih ynseydee, paarantyn as fir ynsee

Ta SACR (Scoill Ard Cashtal Rushen) smooinaghtyn er cur lhiettrymys er shooyleeyn son paart jeh ny studeyryn eck. 

V'eh er ny hoilshaghey magh ayns Tinvaal moghrey Jemayrt (19 Mean Souree) dy vel y scoill ec y traa t'ayn shirrey er ny paarantyn, studeyryn as fir ynsee son barellyn er yn eie.

Yinnagh y lhiettrymys jannoo er studeyryn y Vun-cheim Three - eddyr 11 vlein as 14 bleeaney dy eash.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Ynsee, Spoyrt as Cultoor Graham Cregeen gra, ga dy vel paart dy leih jeeaghyn er ny greienyn myr tayrn geill ry lhiattee, dy vod ad jannoo seose aght eddyr-insh scanshoil son paarantyn.

AS MNR CREGEEN : She chaglym ad eh; vel ad goll dy yannoo clubbyn erbee lurg scoill; as ta cooish sauchys ayn neesht ny keayrtyn tra t'ad geearree toiggal c'raad t'ad er ve ayn as c'raad t'ad goll rhymboo. Myr shoh ta feme er fakin dagh cheu jeh.

Views sought from pupils, parents and teachers

Castle Rushen High School is considering a ban on mobile phones for some of its students.

It was revealed in Tynwald on Tuesday morning (19 June) the school is currently asking parents, students and teachers for views on the idea.

The ban would apply to Key Stage Three pupils - aged between 11 and 14.

Education, Sport and Culture Minister Graham Cregeen says, although the devices are seen by some as distracting, they can be an important communication tool for parents:

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