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Barber: No 'formal' cases to fill gap left by Ramsey Bakery

Barber: Gyn cooish 'formoil' dy lhieeney barney faagit ayn ec Thie Fuinnee Rhumsaa

Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys gra, dy beagh, dy jinnagh y reiltys shirrey saaseyn dy phohlldal ad

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys er veeraghey nagh vel 'cooishyn formoil' ayn jeh thieyn fuinnee elley jeeaghyn dy ghoaill ayns laue ny vees sleih cheet er myr 'towl' faagit ayn ec Thie Fuinnee Rhumsaa.

Ta Clare Barber er veeraghey dy row coloayrtyssyn rish kiareyderyn elley dy leah lurg da kiareyder smoo yn Ellan jeh arran Vannin dooney ny dorryssyn echey ec jerrey Mee Averil.

Dinsh ee da Radio Vannin dy beagh 'sy traa ry heet dy jinnagh y reiltys jeeaghyn er saaseyn dy phohlldal ad.

Agh t'ee gra dy nee lickly eh nagh vel colughtyn geearree ve currit ry lhiattee veih'n errey obbree vees oc ec y traa t'ayn.

AS CLARE BARBER : Agh ec y traa t'ayn cha nel red ennagh er ve ayn er v'ad abyl dy obbraghey, as goaill rish dy vel troaryn braew yindyssagh oc as nagh vel ad geearree leodaghey veih shen, yn obbyr t'ad dy yannoo hannah.


Minister for Environment, Food and Farming says if there were, government would look at ways to support them

The Environment, Food and Agriculture minister has confirmed there's been no 'formal cases' of other bakeries looking to take on the so-called 'hole' left by Ramsey Bakery.

Clare Barber has confirmed there were talks with other suppliers shortly after the Island's largest supplier of Manx bread closed its doors at the end of April.

She told Manx Radio if there were in future government would look at ways to support them.

However, she says businesses likely don't want to get sidetracked from their current workload:

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