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BBC IoM station unrealistic, committee hears

Stashoon BBC Ellan Vannin neu-rieughagh, ta bing dy chlashtyn

Fer toshee bun-eearrooagh cur feanish

Ta Fer Toshee Bun-Earrooagh y BBC son Ardyn Hostyn gra, er-lhee, nagh vel croo stashoon radio ynnydoil dy hirveishagh er Ellan Vannin ry yannoo ayns rieughid.

Va Laura Ellis cur feanish da'n ving as ta currym urree ronsaghey cooilleeney scaalheaney shirveish heayagh 'syn Ellan ayns ny troggalyn slattyssagh Jerdein (31ed Mee Voaldyn).

Ta'n Fer Lhee Alex Allinson, Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ta ny chaairlagh da'n ving, gra dy vel eie ec sleih 'syn Ellan dy vel eeckeyderyn tailley-kied "eeck daa cheayrt", liorish eeck son tailley-kied y BBC, as son toyrtys y Reiltys da Radio Vannin.

Dooyrt Laura Ellis nagh row eh er-e-son dy yannoo briwnys, agh, dy beagh shen urree, dy bare lhee fakin argid baiht ayns ny meanyn yinnagh shirveishagh er sheelogheyn saa, na troggal stashoon radio BBC Ellan Vannin.

BBC IoM station unrealistic, committee hears

Head of digital gives evidence

The BBC’s Head of Digital for English Regions says she doesn’t think the creation of a local radio station to serve the Isle of Man is a realistic possibility.

Laura Ellis was giving evidence to the committee tasked with investigating the provision of public service broadcasting on the Island at the legislative buildings on Thursday (31 May).

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, who chairs the committee, says there’s a perception on the Island that license fee payers are “paying twice”, in paying for the BBC licence fee, and also Manx Radio’s subvention.

Laura Ellis said the decision was not hers to make, but if it were, she would rather see investment in media which would serve younger generations, than construct a BBC Isle of Man radio station.

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