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Ben goes into dry dock

Ben my Chree goll gys loghan-karree

Va Ben my Chree ersooyl gys Merseyside yn laa jea son obbyr-charree skedjallit.

Va'n saagh goll gys lhong-chaardee Chammell Laird as loghan-karree ayns Birkenhead, son e karraghey gagh daa vlein.

Bee ee ayns loghan-karree son mysh tree shiaghtin ry-hoi obbyr çhaghnyssagh, as jannoo ass e noa e shamyryn-soie Executive, Niarbyl as Premium.

Ver Manannan as MV Arrow cooney yn vaarney y lhieeney as ee assaaragh. Hig Ben my Chree erash ayns shirveish yn chiarroo laa Mee Boaldyn.

Ben goes into dry dock

The Ben my Chree was off to Merseyside yesterday, for scheduled overhaul work.

The vessel was heading to Cammell Laird shipyard and dry dock in Birkenhead for her biennial overhaul.

She'll be in dry dock for around three weeks to undergo technical work and refurbishment of her Executive, Niarbyl and Premium lounges.

Manannan and the MV Arrow will help cover while she's away, and the Ben my Chree is due to return to service on May 4.

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