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Big demand for Island charity CD

Shimmey peiagh laccal jysk cumir giastyllys Ellanagh

Fastyr Jedoonee, hass keeadyn dy leih ayns linney dy gheddyn greim er coip as enmyn screeuit er, jeh jysk cumir jeant son sheshaght yiastyllagh ynnydagh vooar.

Coodagh jeh 'Un Laa Myr Shoh' jeant son Possan Pohlldal Kahngyr-Keeagh Vannin, va ny shlee na kiare cheead coip jeh creckit ayns tree oor!

Co-hirreyder X-Factor Simon Lynch, arraneagh aeg ta screeu arraneyn, Mae Challis, as arraneagh ynnydagh Mark Watson, she adsyn ren y coodagh, va recortyssit kegeesh er dy henney marish corys feer vooar, va goaill stiagh ram paitçhyn.

Jedoonee, y linney dy leih ec Ynnyd Shappal y Traie ayns Doolish dy gheddyn Simon, Mark as Mae dy screeu nyn enmyn er coip jeh'n jysk cumir, va toshiaght currit jee roish my daink ny h-arraneyderyn - as va sleih foast çheet gys hie yn Ynnyd er jeigh ec queig er y chlag.

Ta'n jysk cumir goll er creck feiy'n Ellan - as ga dy chreck shappyn ennagh ooilley ny coipyn v'oc dy tappee, va tooilley coipyn goll er livrey daue Jelune.

Big demand for Island charity CD

Hundreds of people queued to get their hands on a signed copy of the Island's big local charity CD on Sunday afternoon.

The Manx Breast Cancer Support Group's cover of 'One Day Like This' sold more than 400 copies in just three hours!

Featuring X-Factor contestant Simon Lynch, talented young singer-songwriter Mae Challis and local singer Mark Walton, it was recorded a fortnight ago with a huge public chorus, including many children.

On Sunday, the queue at the Strand Shopping Centre in Douglas to have the CD signed by Simon, Mark and Mae, started before the artists arrived - and it didn't let up until the centre closed at five o'clock.

The CD is on sale around the Island - and although some outlets were quickly sold out, they were being restocked on Monday.

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