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Biosphere reserve status 'truly remarkable': Environment Minister

Staydys vio-chemmyrk 'slane yindyssagh': Shirveishagh Çhymmyltaght

Ta'n Shirveishagh Çhymmyltaght gra dy re slane yindyssagh dy vel UNESCO, sheshaght chultooroil ny h-Ashoonyn Unnaneyssit, er stowal staydys bio-chemmyrk er Mannin.

Ta bio-chemmyrkyn enmyssit nyn ardjyn lesh thalloo nadooragh braew er-bashtal, cormal femeyn phobble, dellal as nadoor.

Nish, ta shey cheead, tree feed as nuy dy vio-chemmyrkyn ayns shey feed çheer.

Biosphere reserve status 'truly remarkable': Environment Minister

The Environment Minister says it's truly remarkable that the Isle of Man has been granted biosphere reserve status by the United Nations' cultural body, UNESCO.

Biosphere reserves are designated as areas that have outstanding natural landscapes, balancing the needs of people, business and nature.

It brings the total number of protected nature reserves to 669 across 120 countries.

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