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Bishop Eagles is eager to get on

Ta'n Aspick Eagles jeean dy gholl er-oi

Ta aspick noa ec Mannn.

Va'n Feer Arrymagh Peter Eagles er ny chur er y stoyl reeoil ayns jesh chlaghtey formoil er-lheh ec Ard-Çhiamble Phurt ny h-Inshey Jesarn.

Eear-çhaplyn syn armee Goaldagh, ta'n Aspick Eagles hoght bleeaney jeig as daeed dy eash. Bee eh freggyrtagh son cooishyn crauee ayns aspickys Hodor as Mannin - chammah as geddyn soiag ayns y Choonseil Slattyssagh.

Y Lhiass-Chiannoort, Eaghtyrane Tinvaal, yn Ard-Shirveishagh as ard-phersoonyn crauee, v'ad kionfenish syn Ard-Çhiamble Jesarn. 

Ayns sharmane bannee, loayr yn Aspick Eagles mychione e yeeanid.

Bishop Eagles is eager to get on

The Isle of Man has a new Bishop.

The Right Reverend Peter Eagles was formally enthroned in a special ceremony at Peel Cathedral on Saturday.

A former British Army Chaplain, the 58-year-old will now be responsible fpr overseeing religious affairs in the Diocese of Sodor and Man - as well as occupying a seat in the Legislative Council.

His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, President of Tynwald, Chief Minister  and senior religious figures were present in the congregation on Saturday.

In an inaugural sermon, Bishop Eagles spoke of his eagerness.

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