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Brexit strategy 'is working' - Quayle

Ta strateish Vrexit goll er-oi dy mie - Quayle

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh gra reesht dy vel loayrt dy kinjagh as dy shickyr marish yn reiltys Goaldagh jannoo fondagh yn Ellan sy traa ta ry-heet.

T'eh gra shoh ny lurg da queig MP-yn ass bing reiht cairys Whaiyl Hostyn v'er chur shilley er Mannin yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie.

Dooyrt Howard Quayle  dy nee 'vondeishagh' va shoh.

Chammah as shen, doltee eh oraid kione-linney veih'n Phreeu-Hirveishagh Teresa May, ren geamagh son tooilley shickyrys bentyn da Brexit, as shassoo smoo creoi bentyn da arraghey stiagh as kimmeeys.

Eddyr-taggloo kinjagh marish Whitehall - as ny sodjey magh - nee shen croo dellal share son sleih Vannin, ta Mnr Quayle gra.

Brexit strategy 'is working' - Quayle

The Chief Minister insists ongoing, steady engagement with the British government is securing the Island's future outside Europe.

It follows a visit by five MPs from the Commons Justice Select Commitee last week, which Howard Quayle described as a 'valuable' experience.

He also welcomed a headline speech by Prime Minister Teresa May, which called for greater certainty over Brexit, and a tougher stance on immigration and crime.

Mr Quayle says continuing dialogue with Whitehall - and beyond - will create a better deal for Manx people.

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