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'Business as usual' for Manx Flybe routes

'Dellal myr dy cadjin' son coorseyn Flybe Vannin

Oltey son puirt goltaghey goaill harrish lhuingys aer ardjynagh

She dellal myr dy cadjin son coorseyn Flybe Runnysvie as son y chirveish livrey harrish surransee.

Shen chaghteraght Tim Baker OCF as currym politickagh ersyn son puirt yn Ellan.

V'eh fogrit magh Jeheiney dy row consortium goaill stiagh Virgin Atlantagh as y Possan Stobart er chionnaghey y lhuingys aer ardjynagh.

Ta Mnr Baker gra dy vel shoh cur shickyrys dauesyn ta getlagh huggey as veih'n Ellan.

AS TIM BAKER : Tra t'ou jeeaghyn er y dellal t'er ve jeant, t'eh cur eiyrtys shickyr, as towse mooar dy argid goll er baih 'sy cholught. As dy mooar 'sy traa giare t'eh mychione dellal myr dy cadjin, t'eh mychione toiggal dy vel ny etlaghyn goll dy reiltagh, as son shickyrys, shen jeh lane scansh, cha nee ynrican son ve cochianglt agh son y chirveish livrey harrish surransee neesht. 


Ports member welcomes takeover of regional airline

It's business as usual for Ronaldsway's Flybe routes and the patient transfer service.

That's the message from Tim Baker MHK, who has political responsibility for the Island's ports.

It was announced on Friday that a consortium including Virgin Atlantic and the Stobart Group has purchased the regional airline.

Mr Baker says this provides security for those flying to and from the Island.

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