Business sense needed for cruise port

Feme ar keeall-dellal son purt-turrys

Ta oayllee-jeidjys greinnaghey yn reiltys dy ve er e hwoaie, roish baihaghey argid mooar ayns turrysid son lhongyn-turrys.

Ta shoh mastey resoonaght mychione earrooyn ta bishaghey ayns turrysee-varrey, goaill stiagh treealtyssyn son purt noa, magh ass purt Ghoolish, oddagh dellal rish thousaneyn dy phashneyryn.

Ta'n oayllee Canadagh, yn Dr Ross Klein, er cheau ny shlee na tree cheead laa er boayrd lhongyn-turrys, myr ayrn jeh'n ronsaght echey.

Deaisht mysh kiare feed as jeih cummaltee rishyn, as eh loayrt mychione cooishyn son as noi turrysid-lhuingey, ec çhaglym jeh'n Phossan Jantys Jarrooagh ayns Doolish, oie Jelune. 

Ta'n Dr Klein gra dy lhisagh briwnys mychione shoh ve coontit dy ve ny chooish ghellalagh ny lomarcan.  

Business sense needed for cruise port

An industry expert is urging government to be wary of mass investment in cruise tourism.

It's amid debate over growing sea visitor numbers, including proposals for a new berth off Douglas harbour capable of receiving thousands of passenengers.

Canadian academic Dr Ross Klein has spent more than 300 days aboard cruise liners as part of his research.

Around 90 residents listened to him weigh up the pros and cons of the sector at a Positive Action Group meeting in Douglas on Monday night.

Dr KleIn says any decision should be treated from a purely business perspective.

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