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Calls for clarity on border reopening from hospitality industry

Eamyn son baghtalys er aa-osley cagliagh veih'n jeadys oltaghey

Sym ass yn Ellan gyrjaghey choud's ta jerrey er lhiettrymyssyn cheet faare

Ta olteynyn jeadys oltaghey Ellan Vannin cur eam er y reiltys dy ograghey magh smoo baghtal mychione aa-osley caglieeyn yn Ellan.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta ny lhiettrymys skedjalit dy ve scryssit magh 28 Mean Souree, agh ta'n Creatlagh Bollagh Magh cur trimmid er dy vel y date foshlit roish caghlaa, croghey er y stayd 'sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit.

Ta John Keggin jeh colught thieyn laa seyr, Island Escapes, gra dy vel ny ynnydyn er nyn mookal goaill toshiaght dy ve lhieent lurg yn date shen liorish keayrtee veih ass yn Ellan.

T'eh gra dy vel feme er tooilley fys veih'n reiltys.

AS JOHN KEGGIN : Ta shin jus fuirraghtyn ec y traa t'ayn dy akin cre ny saaseyn vees ayn son ny keayrtee ain. Ta earroo mooar jeh ny keayrtee ain briaght jin y feysht shen. Myr shoh ta shin feme ayns rieughid y fys shen veih'n reiltys leah dy liooar : vees formyn ayn as feme er lhieeney ad; vees prowalyssyn ayn; vees traa erbee dy reayll scarrit er chor erbee ayn; ny vees troailt ayn gyn lhiettrymys. Myr shoh, t'ou toiggal, red ennagh as, ayns rieughid, ta shin feme ve ain ayns yn cubbyl dy hiaghtin shoh cheet, ayns rieughid. 


Off-Island interest mounting as end to restrictions draws near

Members of the Isle of Man's hospitality industry are calling on government to issue more clarity around the reopening of the Island's borders.

Currently, the restrictions are set to be lifted on 28 June, however the Exit Strategy stresses that the date is liable to change depending on the United Kingdom situation.

John Keggin of holiday home company Island Escapes says their bookings are starting to be filled following that date by visitors from off-Island.

He says more communication from government is needed:

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