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Campaigner welcomes end of banded standing charges

Troddaneyr goltaghey jerrey er taillaghyn beayn rere boandaghyn

Barry Murphy credjal dy vel tooilley reih nish ec custymeyryn

Bee tooilley reih ec custymeyryn Gas Vannin nish rere troddaneyr ren leeideil plaiyntyn noi ny taillaghyn beayn rere boandaghyn.

Ta'n cheshaght er veeraghey dy bee ablid ec custymeyryn dy gerrid dy reih eddyr y coarys t'ayn nish ny'n tailley syrjey per unnid v'ayn roish shoh.

Hug Barry Murphy eam son ny taillaghyn dy ve scryssit magh, as eh credjal dy ren ny taillaghyn beayn cur er gas ve ny s'costalee son kuse dy chustymeyryn.

T'eh cur failt er ny caghlaaghyn.

AS BARRY MURPHY : Ec y chooid sloo, lesh shoh ta shin geddyn reih eddyr daa hailley, nagh vel yindyssagh, agh t'eh 100% ny share na va shin roish shoh.

'Sy stayd aym, t'eh foym dy baghtal goll back gys y chenn choarys er-yn-oyr, t'ou toiggal, dy vel mee geeck tailley beayn ard – ec y traa t'ayn ta mee er Boandey E, ta ny earroo un cheayrt dagh laa ta currit huggey, myr shoh ta mee geeck cha nee foddey veih £1 y laa, as ta mee er-chee goll back gys 16p y laa as ta mee geearree yn ablid dy yannoo briwnys er yn aght as yn traa ta mish gymmydey my ghas.

Agh eisht yiarrin dy vel kuse dy leih, my vees ad er ny boandaghyn sinshley, as foddee nagh beagh eh caghlaa cho mooar, agh, t'ou toiggal, yiarrin, ny syrjey y boandey, ny smoo veagh y vondeish.


Barry Murphy believes customers now have more choice

Manx Gas customers will now have more choice according to a campaigner who led protests against the banded standing charges.

The organisation has confirmed customers will soon be able to chose between the current system or the previous higher unit tariff.

Barry Murphy called for the charges to be scrapped, believing the standing charges made gas more expensive for some customers.

He's welcomed the changes.

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