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Canadian 'supertout' using IoM to flout law

'Ard-far-ghelleyder' gymmydey Mannin dy yannoo beg jeh'n leigh

'Far-ghelleyder tiggad' drogh-ghooagh, va eginit scuirr veih dellal ayns çheer e ghooie, Canadey, t'eh er gheddyn kemmyrk ayns Mannin.

Ta'n millioonagh Julien Lavallee er chosney argid mooar, liorish aa-chreck tiggadyn cuirrey-kiaullee er-linney son cosney, as t'eh failley feed dy leih dy yannoo cre t'eh dy hirrey.

Agh ta egin leighagh er chur er arraghey yn ynnyd-dellal echey.

Ta aghtyn-dellal Lavallee er jeet dy ve fo scrutaght ta gaase er y gherrid, lurg da pabyr-naight sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit er ghra dy row eh gobbraghey marish ynnydyn cuirrey-kiaullee dy chreck ymmodee tiggadyn, roish my row ad ry-chionnaghey ec y theay.

Chammah as shen, ta'n dellal echey er jeet dy ve fo scrutaght ving Westminster son cultoor, mean as spoyrt, raad ta MP-yn gra 'boiragh' rish y chooish.

Ta far-ghellal mooar meelowal ayns Quebec raad ta Lavallee soit.

Agh nish t'eh er jeet magh dy vel e cholught I Want Ticket Incorporated ny cholught Manninagh recortyssit, as eh soit ayns Straid Athol.

Canadian 'supertout' using IoM to flout law

A notorious 'ticket tout' who was forced to cease trading in his native Canada has found refuge in the Isle of Man.

Millionaire Juilien Lavallee has made a fortune reselling concert tickets for profit online, and employs 20 staff to do his bidding.

But legal pressure have forced him to relocate.

Lavallee's business model has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks, after a UK newspaper reported he was in cahoots with concert venues to buy large amounts of tickets before they went on public release.

His dealings have also come to the attention of Westminster's Culture, Media and Sport Committee - where MPs branded the case 'disturbing'.

Large-scale touting is illegal in Quebec, where Lavallee is based.

But it's now emerged his company, I Want Ticket Inc., is a registered Manx company based on Athol Street.

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