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Castletown Commissioners to buy old fire station

Barrantee Balleychashtal dy chionnaghey eear stashoon aile

'Oddagh ynnyd goll er ymmydey son tooilley pairkal'

Ta Barrantee Balleychashtal shirrey er £200,000 veih'n reiltys dy chooilleeney kionnaghey yn eear stashoon aile ayns Raad Farrant.

Ta'n ynnyd, jeeragh jeh'n Halley Baljey, er ve cowrit magh roie myr reih dy reaghey tooilley pairkal dy chooney dy ve freggyrtagh da'n aggyrt mooar son ynnydyn 'syn eear phreeu-valley.

Ta'n lught-reill ynnydoil cur aghin da'n Rheynn Bun-Trogglys son yn eeasaght, as bee ymmyd jeant jeh neesht 'dy hareaghey y chymmyltaght' 'syn ard.

Nee'n Rheynn smooinaghtyn mychione yn aghin veih'n 18oo Mean Souree. Derrey yn traa shen ta failt er peiagh erbee dy chur stiagh e varel da'n Oaseir Aghinyn 'syn Unnid Gurneilys Ynnydagh.

Ta'n Caairlagh Colin Leather gra dy voddagh ymmyd ve jeant jeh'n stashoon aile son caghlaaghyn oyr, as dy bee cowraghyn dy hym goll er shirrey son ymmyd traa giare jeh'n ynnyd.

Va'n eear stashoon aile foshlit hoshiaght 'sy vlein 1964, agh va shirveishyn ayns shen currit gys ynnyd noa ec Steat Jeadys Runnysvie 'sy vlein 2017.

Ta ny Barrantee ayns coardail nagh vel ad geearree yn ynnyd 'dy hannaghtyn gyn ymmyd' ny sodjey, myr ta Mnr Leather soilshaghey magh.
AS MNR LEATHER: Shen ny voayl strateyshagh scanshoil jeh vondeish da Balleychashtal, cha nee kiart nish, agh jeeaghyn gys ny bleeantyn shoh cheet, gys y nah jeih bleeaney ny gys cre erbee.
As eh kiart ayns mean y valley, foddee eh goll er ymmydey son ymmodee oyryn. Foddee eh goll er ymmydey son pairkal gleashtanyn; foddee eh goll er ymmydey myr seyraad dy chleayney colughtyn stiagh 'sy valley, yinnagh cleayney sleih gys y valley, yinnagh cur vondeish da ooilley ny myn-chreckeyderyn, ny thieyn oast as ny thieyn bee ayns y valley.

Castletown Commissioners to buy old fire station

'Site could be used for extra parking'

Castletown Commissioners are asking the government for £200,000 to complete the purchase of the old fire station on Farrants Way.

The site, which is opposite the Town Hall,  has been earmarked previously as an option for providing extra parking to help meet the high demand for spaces in the ancient capital.

The local authority is petitioning the Department of Infrastructure for the loan, which will also be used to make 'environmental improvements' in the area.

The Department will consider the petition from 18 June. Until then anyone is welcome to submit their views to the Petitions Officer at the Local Government Unit.

Chairman Colin Leather says the fire station could be used for a variety of purposes, and expressions of interest will be sought for short term use of the site.

The old fire station first opened in 1964, but services there were transferred to a new site on Ronaldsway Industrial Estate in 2017.

The Commissioners agree they no longer want the site to 'sit idle', as Mr Leather explains.

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