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Castletown flooding scheme taking shape

Skeim çheet ry-cheilley noi thooiilaghyn ayns Balley Chashtal

Ta biljyn goll er lhieggey sheese ec oirr Valley Chashtal, myr ayrn jeh'n skeim dy choadey Balley Chashtal noi thooillaghyn.

Ta paart dy henn viljyn goll er lhieggey cooyl Chlose Cholteragh.

Nee yn lhieggey lowal da troggal boalley rish y phurt sthie,
Hurr Balley Chashtal kyndagh rish drogh thooillaghyn sy chied vee jeh'n vlein feed cheead as kiare-jeig.

Ny lurg shen - marish boirey mychione levallyn-tidee goll seose - va plannyn jeant dy phrowal scuirr ushtey-thooilley veih baihghey straiddyn as raaidyn lhiattagh.

Ta ny biljyn goll er lhieggey nish nagh jean obbraghyn cur stiagh er bea feie.

Castletown flooding scheme taking shape

Tree felling is now being carried out on the edge of Castletown as part of the flood protection scheme designed to protect the town.

A number of mature trees are coming down at the back of Qualtrough's Yard.

The felling will make way for a wall that will run alongside the inner harbour.

Castletown suffered serious flooding in January 2014.

After that - and with concerns about a rise in tidal levels - plans were drawn up to try and stop flood water inundating side streets and roads.

The trees are being cut down now so works don't interfere with wildlife in the area.

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