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Cavendish achieves long-held Olympic ambition

Cavendish cooilleeney yeearree Olympagh foddey beayn

Ta'n Manninagh Mark Cavendish er chooilleeney yn yeearree echey dy chosney boyn Olympagh.

Hooar eh boyn argid ayns omnium ny deiney ayns Rio oie Jelune, as eh çheet gys y jerrey lesh daa phoint ny shlee na'n feniagh-fendeil Lasse Hansen ass yn Danvarg, ren boyn ooha y chosney.

She Elia Viviani ass yn Iddaal hooar yn varriaght syn omnium.

Cavendish, ren shassoo son y Vretyn Vooar, v'eh er chosney kiare ard-enmyn cruinney er raad as coorse, agh cha chossyn eh boyn erbee ayns ny Gammanyn Olympagh ayns 2008 as 2012.

Chairysee yn boyn e vriwnys Turrys y Rank 'aagail as foast queig keimyn ry-yannoo yn vee shoh chaie, dy chooney lesh aarlaghey son ny Gammanyn Olympagh.

Y Manninagh, ta un vlein jeig as feed dy eash, ghow eh rish ny s'anmagh dy row eh jeant maynrey liorish e eabbaghyn.

Ass lieh yn reiltys, leeid y Shirveishagh Ynsee Tim Crookall y moylley da Cavendish.

As dooyrt Mnr Crookall dy row eh shickyr dy beagh Cavendish foast breeaghey ymmodee sleih sy traa ry-heet, sleih ayns yn Ellan as sleih-spoyrt feiy ny cruinney.

Cavendish achieves long-held Olympic ambition

Manxman Mark Cavendish has achieved his ambition of winning an Olympic medal.

He claimed silver in the men's omnium in Rio on Monday night, finishing two points clear of defending champion Lasse Hansen of Denmark who took the bronze.

The event was won by Italy's Elia Viviani.

Cavendish, representing Great Britain, had won four world titles on the road and track but missed out on a medal in his previous two Olympics.

The medal vindicated his decision to pull out of the Tour de France with five stages remaining last month to help prepare for the Olympics.

The 31-year-old Manxman later admitted he was happy with his efforts.

Education Minister Tim Crookall led the congratulations on behalf of the government.

And said he was sure Cavendish would continue to be a great source of inspiration to so many people in the Island and throughout the sporting world.

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