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Cheap alcohol to be targeted

Jough veshtallagh neugheyr dy ve soit er

Peter Karran, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Connaghyn, t'eh geearree dy bee ny smoo jeant dy lhiettal creck jough veshtallagh ec priosyn giarrit.

Shoh cooish ta Mnr Karran er chaggey son rish traa foddey, as hug eh treealtys roish Tinvaal yn çhiaghtin shoh.

T'eh geamagh er yn ard-whaiyl dy ve boirit ec y skielley ta jough veshtallagh neugheyr jannoo da sleih, as ny h-aghtyn ta shen jannoo er shirveishyn y reiltys.

Adsyn ta creck jough veshtallagh neugheyr, lhisagh ad geeck ny smoo dy chur eddin rish y skielley t'ee jannoo, ta Mnr Karran gra. 

Cheap alcohol to be targeted

Onchan MHK Peter Karran wants more done to combat the sale of cut-price alcohol.

It's been a long-standing campaigning issue for Mr Karran, who laid a motion before Tynwald this week.

It calls for the court to view with concern cheap booze's social impact, and the subsequent impact on government services.

Mr Karran says those who sell it should be contributing more to tackling the problems is causes.

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