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Chief Minister defends Post Office vote

Ard Shirveishagh fendeil teiy er Oik Postagh

Quayle soilshaghey magh plaiynt noi lhiasaghey

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh er vendeil yn eam echey son co-chorpaghey Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin dy ve faagit myr reih son sur-smooinaghtyn liorish y voayrd.

Loayr Howard Quayle noi lhiasaghey dy scryssey magh eh dy bollagh, ayns resoonaght Tinvaal yn chiaghtin shoh chaie.
Va raad er-oaie possible son y voayrd slattyssagh goll er resooney magh liorish politickeyryn ayns soie Jerrey Souree y whaiyl.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy nee ayrn jeh'n starr deynlagh eh ta coayl y teiy er y chooish. 

AS MNR QUAYLE : Cha nee cooish lane-scanshoil v'ayn er-my-hon, cha nee agh y principle dy lhisagh oo ve lowit dy yeeaghyn er co-chorpaghey roish my vees oo cummey plan. As ta mee gennaghtyn, liorish gra . . . liorish insh da boayrd, 'Cha nel kied diu jeeaghyn er shen tra ta shiu cummey nyn blan,' va mee gennaghtyn dy persoonagh nagh row shen y raad share er-oaie. Agh myr t'ou gra, she teiy seyr v'ayn, cha daink shen lhiam as ta shin goll roin.


Quayle explains objection to amendment 

The Chief Minister has defended his call for corporatisation of the Isle of Man Post Office to be left as an option for consideration by the board.

Howard Quayle spoke out against an amendment to take it off the table completely, during a Tynwald debate last week.

The possible future direction of the statutory board was discussed by politicians during the July sitting of the court.

Mr Quayle says losing the vote on the issue is part of the democratic process:

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