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Chief Minister pleased Island not on tax blacklist

Ard-Shirveishagh jeant wooiagh nagh vel yn Ellan er list doo keesh

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh gra dy vel eh jeant "feer wooiagh" dy vel yn Ellan er haghney ve currit er list doo dy heeraghyn nagh vel jannoo dy liooar dy chaggey noi shaghney keeshyn.

Ny sodjey, ta Howard Quayle gra, red erbee vees coardit sy traa ry-heet, lhisagh eh ve ny 'eaysley feiy ny cruinney, as cha nee red ennagh son beggan dy heeraghyn nyn lomarcan.

Va boirey ayn dy beagh yn Ellan ny dean, kyndagh rish cur magh ny Pabyryn Phargys y vee shoh chaie, hug roish y theay paart jeh ny h-aghtyn cramp ta berçhee yn teihll gymmydey dy haghney keeshyn harrish mooir.

Y list dy reiltyssyn mee-cho-obbragh coardit ec shirveishee argidoil yn Unnaneys Oarpagh, cha nel eh goaill stiagh Mannin, agh t'ee er ny cur er list lheeah.

As eh loayrt er Mandate moghrey Jecrean, dooyrt Mnr Quayle dy row ny boiraghyn va foast er-mayrn bentyn da ny va enmyssit "stoo" ec  possan choad-ymmyrkey yn Unnaneys Oarpagh.

Chief Minister pleased Island not on tax blacklist

The Chief Minister says he's "very pleased" the Island has avoided being placed on a blacklist of countries who are not doing enough to fight  tax evasion.

Howard Quayle adds that whatever is agreed in future should be a global solution - and not just something which applied to few countries.

There were concerns the island would be targeted following the release last month of the Paradise Papers which made public some of the intricate ways the world's rich evade tax offshore.

Whilst the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions, approved by European Union finance ministers, does not include the Isle of Man, it has been placed on a grey list.

Speaking on Mandate on Wednesday morning, Mr Quayle said the remaining concerns expressed by the EU code of conduct group centred around what they termed "substance".

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