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Chief minister reiterates landing stage commitment

Ard-Shirveishagh fockley magh cur rish calloo reesht

Co-haggloo dy hickyraghey nagh bee shirveishyn-baatey Ellanagh goll er brishey tra vees calloo noa jeant ec purt Lerpoyll, t'ad goll er-oi.

Y calloo t'ayn nish, t'eh çheet gys jerrey e vea obbraidagh. T'eh oolit dy jean y calloo noa costal mysh queig millioon jeig punt.

Ayns Tinvaal y laa jea, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Connaghyn Peter Karran, hirr eh shickyraghey nagh jinnagh troailtee Ellanagh surranse tra veagh dellal noa jeant son calloo noa ec Lerpoyll, raad ta Manannan goll gys y cheiy.

Ga nagh row costys ny taabyl-traa garroo obbrit magh foast, dooyrt yn Ard-Shirveishagh, va'n reiltys currit da geddyn dellal foddey-çharrymagh dy hickyraghey dy voddagh pashneyryn foast troailt gys as veih Lerpoyll - as ren eh cremmey partee Mannin Libraalagh Vnr Karran.

Dooyrt eh dy row barganey eddyr obbreyder y phurt (Purtyn Phurt ny h-Inshey) as y Paggad Bree 'deyrit' ec Mannin Libraalagh roish my row toshiaght chiart currit da.

Chief minister reiterates landing stage commitment

Talks to ensure Island ferry services are not disrupted when the landing stage at Liverpool port is replaced are continuing.

The facility is nearing the end of its operational life and it's estimated a replacement scheme will cost in the region of £15 million.

In Tynwald yesterday, Onchan MHK Peter Karran asked for assurances Island passengers would not miss out when a deal is reached for a new stage at Liverpool, where the Manannan docks.

Chief Minister Alan Bell said although there was no cost or timetable yet outlined, government was committed to securing a long-term deal to ensure passengers could continue to travel to and form Liverpool and criticised Mr Karran's Lib Van party.

He said negotiations between the port operator (Peel Ports) and the Steam Packet had been 'damned and condemned' by Lib Van before they had properly started.

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