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Chief Minister says EU tax commitments had to be made

Ard Shirveishagh gra dy row eh femoil gialdynys keesh y chur da'n Unnaneys Oarpagh

Possan er Ymmyrkey cheet er imnea mychione laccal 'bree leighoil'

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh gra dy row eh er reiltys Vannin cur gialdynssyn da'n Unnaneys Oarpagh nurree, er-nonney ve currit er 'rolley doo' bentyn rish keesh.

As eh loayrt ayns yn Chiare as Feed Jemayrt (24oo Mee Averil), ren Mnr Quayle soilshaghey magh dy row Possan Code Ymmyrkey yn Unnaneys Oarpagh er jeet er imnea mychione laccal ny 'femeyn er bree leighoil' er-nyn-son ooilley ta dellal ayns Ellan Vannin.

Choud's v'eh cur freggyrt da feyshtyn liorish Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Doolish Yiass Kate Beecroft ayns yn Chiare as Feed, dooyrt Mnr Quayle dy row eh ersyn coardail rish co-obbraghey rish yn Unnaneys Oarpagh.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE: Va un reih ain: t'ou uss coardail rish ve biallagh ny dyn. Eddyr t'ou coardail rish ve biallagh as cha nel oo currit er rolley doo, as eisht t'ou coardail rish goll ersooyl dy cho-obbraghey rish yn Unnaneys Oarpagh, ny cha nel oo, as t'ou currit er rolley doo. Shen eh. Myr shoh ren shinyn reih dy choardail er co-obbraghey rish yn Unnaneys Oarpagh, dy gheddyn magh ny va bun jeh 'bree' as dy ve biallagh.
Nish eisht, foddee dy bee eh, rere scenario yn eiyrtys smessey, dy vel shin reih gyn jannoo eh, mannagh vel shin, son oyr quaee, soiaghey jeh. Agh cha nel reih ayn ayns shoh. Dy row shinyn er n'gholl magh, myr ta'n Oltey Onnoroil coyrlaghey ayns shoh, as dy row shin gra dy jinnagh shin briwnys tra ta fys ain er ny t'ou cur roish, veagh shinyn er ve currit er rolley doo.

Chief Minister says EU tax commitments had to be made

CG raise concerns over lack of 'legal substance'

The Chief Minister says the Manx government had to make commitments to the European Union last year, or face being placed on a tax 'blacklist'.

Speaking in the House of Keys on Tuesday (24 April), Mr Quayle revealed the EU Code of Conduct Group had raised concerns about the lack of legal substance requirement' for all those doing business in the Isle of Man.

The Chief Minister said teams are now working with the EU to comply with, but also understand exactly what is required, as the issue has not been raised before.

Responding to questions from South Douglas MHK Kate Beecroft in the Keys, Mr Quayle said he had to agree to work with the EU:

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