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Chief Minister says mental health support needed

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh gra dy vel feme er pohlldal slaynt inçhynagh

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh geamagh son caghlaa yn aght ta sleih smooinaghtyn mychione slaynt inçhynagh ayns yn Ellan.

Pohlldal son sleih lesh drogh laynt inçhynagh, cha nel eh er ve ayn sy traa t'er gholl shaghey. Shen ny ta goll er credjal ec Allan Bell, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed.

Ta strateish-reiltys noa er ny lhiasaghey dy haraghey ny shirveishyn ta çhebbit ry-hoi slaynt vie shicklaagagh.

Cha nee persoonyn nyn lomarcan ta surranse, ta Mnr Bell gra.

Chief Minister says mental health support needed

The Chief Minister is calling for a change of attitudes towards health in the Island.

Allan Bell MHK believes support for people with mental health issues has not been there in the past.

A new government strategy has been developed to improve the services offered for psychological well-being.

Mr Bell says it's not just individuals who suffer.

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