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Child hunger, mental health concerns raised at hearing.

Accrys er paitchyn, imnea mychione slaynt inchynagh, currit roish ec clashtynys

Ta'n ving er boghtynys clashtyn woish chaghteryn y trass cherroo

Va entreil da fastee bunnidagh, slaynt inchynagh as accrys er paitchyn jannoo seose paart jeh ny cooishyn va currit roish ayns bing Tinvaal er boghtynys Jelune (3ss Mee ny Nollick). 

Ren chaghteryn Banc Bee Ellan Vannin, Armee yn Taualyts as y heshaght yiastyllagh son sleih gyn thie, Graih, rheynn y cheeayl chionnit oc jeh obbraghey roosyn ayns gaue smoo 'syn Ellan.

'Sy toie daa oor, ren y brialtys jeeaghyn er yn oyr as yn scailley jeusyn ayns stayd gyere, lesh y Chaairlagh Juan Watterson cheet er myr yn chied cheim er goaill rish as cheet eddin ry eddin rish doilleeid y voghtynys.

Va aggyrt ta cheet dy ve ny smoo son bee, fastee as tashtaghyn conney jannoo seose imneaghyn va goll er rheynn trooid y trass cherroo.

Ta Derek Norton jeh Armee y Taualtys:

AS DEREK NORTON : Ta shin clashtyn mychione sleih ayns staydyn feer doillee gyn argid cheet stiagh, agh ny ta shin laccal dy feer, shen dy lhiasaghey boodeeys goaillagh, raad ta caa firrinagh son goaill ayrn 'sy voodeeys, as nagh vel ny lhiettrymyssyn 'sy voodeeys. 


Poverty committee hears from third sector representatives

Access to basic shelter, mental health and child hunger were some of the issues raised at a Tynwald committee into poverty on Monday (3rd December).

Representatives from the Isle of Man Foodbank, the Salvation Army and the homeless charity Graih, shared their experience of working with the Island's most vulnerable. 

In the 2 hour sitting, the inquiry looked at the cause and scale of those in crisis, with Chair Juan Watterson calling it the first step into acknowledging and 'making eye contact' with the poverty problem. 

Rising demand for food, shelter and fuel deposits were shared concerns from across the third sector.

Derek Norton is from the Salvation Army:

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