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Christian hoping for end to Castle Mona saga

Christian jerkal rish kione er saga Chashtal Mona

Jannoo aarloo son cant JeluneTa leeideilagh Coonceil Balley Corpagh Ghoolish David Christian gra dy vel treisht ersyn dy jig toshiaght yn chiaghtin shoh cheet er bea noa ec Thie Aaght y Chashtal Mona er y Chooylaghan Meanagh.

Ta'n troggal shenndeeagh, ta er ve ass ymmyd rish kuse dy vleeantyn, ry chreck ayns cant Jelune shoh cheet (13 Mee Voaldyn).

Ta David Christian gra dy vel yn ynnyd er ve ny red graney 'sy valley roud nish.

AS MNR CHRISTIAN: Reesht she ard ynnyd er Shooylaghan Doolish, myr shoh reesht shegin dooin jannoo red ennagh dy yannoo ny s'jeeaney, dy chur er shen taghyrt, t'ou toiggal - lhig dooin scuirr veih loayrt my-e-chione. As myr shoh s'treisht lhiam dy bee mayd speeideilagh y cheayrt shoh, as s'treisht lhiam dy jean quoi erbee vees dy chionnaghey cheet magh kiart veih'n toshiaght dy ghra dy vel eh ocsyn as dy insh dooin cre ta ny plannyn. As eisht foddee ny ymmodee caghlaaghyn sheshaght, jeantagh, rheynn y Reiltys, cur eab er co-obbraghey maroo dy yannoo shickyr dy vel eh goll er cooilleeney.

Christian hoping for end to Castle Mona saga

Building up for auction on Monday

Douglas Borough Council leader David Christian says he hopes that next week will be the start of a new life for the Castle Mona Hotel on Central Promenade.

The historic building, which has been unused for several years, is up for auction next Monday.

David Christian says the site has been an eyesore in the town for too long:

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