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Christian made 'Freeman of Douglas'

Christian jeant 'Seyrsnagh Ghoolish'

Leeideilagh y Choonceil onnorit son shirveish 30 bleeaney

Ta enn er ve currit er Leeideilagh Coonceil Ghoolish son yn chirveish echey ny sodjey na 30 bleeaney da'n valley.

Va 'Seyrsnys y Valley Corpagh' currit da David Christian ayns sharmaneys Jeheiney (21ed Mean Fouyir) lurg reaghys lesh un aigney liorish e cho-choonceilee.

Dennee y Coonceilagh Wells as y Coonceilagh Skinner, hug roish y treealtys dy chur yn aundyr da Mnr Christian, nagh row agh kiart eh dy beagh yn onnor currit da lheid y 'pheiagh jeean, lesh persoonid greimmaltagh'.

Va'n taghyrt er ny chummal ayns shamyryn Coonceil Ghoolish roish lught-eaishtee dy olteynyn y lught-thie, dy chaarjyn as dy chumraagyn.

Ta Mnr Christian gra dy vel eh 'jeant imlee dy feer' dy gheddyn yn aundyr, as hug eh bwooise da ny ymmodee fir ren pohlldal eh 'sy vea as 'sy choorse politickagh echey.

Reiht hoshiaght dy hirveishagh er Ward Hills, Mee Houney 1987, t'eh er ve speeideilagh ayns dy chooilley reihys da'n lught-reill ynnydoil neayr's shen, as v'eh pointit Oltey yn Impiraght Ghoaldagh 'sy vlein 2013, chammah's goaill ymmodee paart 'sy chommynaght baljagh.

As eh smooinaghtyn er three jeihaghtyn 'sy pholitickaght, loayr Mnr Christian rish Naighteyr er Deynlaght Ynnydoil Ewan Gawne mychione yn aght ghow eh toshiaght dy moghey.

AS DAVID CHRISTIAN : 'Syn ard va mee cummal ec y traa, Coan Farrane, va chaglym theayagh reaghit dy chur er bun sheshaght ny tannyssyn, as hie mee roym gys y chaglym theayagh shen, as haink eh magh nagh row mee ynrican reiht da'n ving, agh reiht dy ve my chaairlagh. Er-lhiam dy row mee 21 vlein ec y traa. As ghow shin toshiaght er cummal chaglymyn dagh raiee lesh Bing Thieys y Choonceil. As haink eh dou lurg mysh three ny kiare chaglymyn dy row yn un aght dy yannoo caghlaa dy feer, veagh shen dy chur stiagh son y Choonceil.

Council Leader honoured for 30 years of service

The Leader of Douglas Council has been recognised for his over 30 years of service to the town.

David Christian was awarded 'Freedom of the Borough' at a ceremony on Friday (21 September), following a unanimous decision by his fellow councillors.

Councillor Wells and Councillor Skinner, who proposed that Mr Christian be given the award, felt it was only right that the honour go to such a 'dedicated figure, with a tenacious personality'.

The event was held in the Douglas Council chambers in front of an audience of family, friends and colleagues.

Mr Christian says he was 'truly humbled' to receive the award, and thanked the many people who supported him during his life and political career.  

First elected to serve Hills Ward in November 1987, he's been successful in all local authority elections since, and was appointed an MBE in 2013, whilst holding numerous other roles in civic society.

Reflecting on three decades worth of politics, Mr Christian spoke to Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne about his early beginnings.

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