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Coastguard praised for 'professionalism' after rescue

'Profeshoonaghys' arreyderyn-coose moyllit ny lurg daue v'er hauail inneen

Ben begin da'n inneen eck goll er sauail veih ny h-eayninyn ec Kione Vradda, t'ee er voylley profeshoonaghys ny h-arreyderyn-coose.

Fastyr Jesarn, va fys currit er arreyderyn-coose Phurt Çhiarn dy chooney lesh Kayle Irvine ass Doolish, erreish jee v'er gholl sheese eaynin dy daaney, agh eisht cha dod ee drappal neese gys sauçhys.

Ny lurg atçhim, dooyrt e mummig Rosie dy re gerjoilagh v'eh, fys y ve ayn dy row cooney ry-gheddyn.

Coastguard praised for 'professionalism' after rescue

A woman whose 12-year-old girl had to be rescued from the cliffs at Bradda Head, has praised the professionalism of the coastguard.

Members of the Port Erin Coastguard were called to assist Kayla Irvine of Douglas on Saturday afternoon after she ventured down a cliff but was unable to climb back up.

Her mum Rosie says after a scare for mother and daughter, it was reassuring to know help was at hand.

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