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Collapsed travel agent causes mass disruption

Boirey mooar jeant ec failleil jeh jantagh-troailt

Failleil jeh possan-troailt t'er linney, cha nel eh credjit dy vel eh er chur y drogh er ymmodee Ellanee.

Shen reir caairliagh Vann Link Travel.

Hie Lowcostholidays fo ec y jerrey shiaghtin, as eh boirey dy mooar er mysh keead, jeih as feed thousane turrysagh Goaldagh.

Ta Brian Kelly gra dy vel lhiasaghey ny geddyn argid er-ash croghey er paart dy chooishyn.

She arraghey gys y Spaainey ta'n doilleeid bentyn da'n phossan-troailt shoh, t'eh gra. Er yn oyr dy darree ad gys y Spaainey, hie ad çheu-mooie jeh'n choodagh ta goll er stiurey ec Skeim Athol, ta fo'n Lught-Reill Etlee Theayagh.

Collapsed travel agent causes mass disruption

The collapse of an online travel group isn't believed to have affected too many Islanders.

That's according to the Chairman of Mann Link Travel.

Lowcostholidays buckled over the weekend causing disruption to around 130,000 British holidaymakers.

Brian Kelly says claiming compensation or money back depends on a number of factors.

He says that the problem with this particular group is they they actually moved to Spain, and by moving to Spain they fell outside the normal cover run by the Athol Scheme, which is under the Civil Aviation Authority.

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