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Commissioner queries Manx Gas banding system

Ta barrantagh feyshtey coarys-boandey Ghas Vannin

Ta feyshtyn ec barrantagh Ellanagh mychione boandaghyn-prios noa ec Gas Vannin, vees dy ghoaill toshiaght ayns Jerrey Geuree.

Taillaghyn laaoil syrjey son gas Ƨhiow banglaneagh,  t'ad er nyn gur ayns shiaght boandaghyn anchasley - yiow lughtyn-thie magh dy gerrid cre'n boandey t'ad currit ayn.

Ta lught Ghas Vannin gra dy jean y tailley syrjey soilshaghey yn costys jeh kiarail as cummal seose y moggyl. Myr maylartys, nee yn costys unnidagh jeh'n ghas tuittym.

Rob Callister, barrantagh son Skeerey Connaghyn, t'eh er ronsaghey ny h-earrooyn.

T'eh gra dy re ynrican ny consumeyryn ayns gagh boandey vees gymmydey gas dy liooar vees cormal magh y tailley shassoo syrjey.

Ta Mnr Callister boirit bentyn da abilid chustymeyryn boandaghyn y chaghlaa.

Commissioner queries Manx Gas banding system

An Island commssioner has raised questions about the new price bands in Manx Gas's billing shake-up, due to begin next January.

Increased daily charges for central heating gas have been set in seven different bands - households will shortly find out which one they've been placed in.

Manx Gas says the higher charge will reflect the cost of supply and maintenance of its network. In return, the unit cost for gas will drop.

Onchan commissioner Rob Collister has researched the figures.

He says only greater consumers of gas within each band will use enough to offset the higher standing charge.

Mr Callister is concerned at customers' ability to switch bands.

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