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Commissioners pleased with transfer of powers

Barrantee jeant booiagh ec iivrey pooaraghyn harrish

Ta caairliagh Varrantee Valley Chashtal gra dy vel eh jeant feer wooiagh dy vel y reiltys livrey pooaraghyn harrish fy yerrey da lughtyn-reill ynnydagh.


Ta barrantee cur toshiaght nish da goaill harrish shirveishyn, gollrish glenney straiddyn, ny lurg bleeantyn dy h-arganeyn mychione quoi veagh stiurey lheid yn çhirveish shen er yn aght share. 


Er Agenda oie Jelune, dooyrt Alwyn Collister dy row eshyn as y chooid elley jeh'n voayrd jeant feer wooiagh dy vel reddyn goll er jannoo pooaraghyn y yee-veanaghey. 


Agh, t'eh gra, foddee dy bee feme er paart dy hurranse roish my vees lane bree ec ny caghlaaghyn. 



Commissioners pleased with transfer of powers


The chairman of Castletown Commissioners says he's delighted the government is finally handing over powers to local authorities.


Commissioners have now started taking over services such as street-cleaning, after years of arguments over who should best run such provision. 


On Agenda on Monday night, Alwyn Collister said he and the rest of the board were very pleased with the moves to decentralise power. 


But he says it might take a little patience for the changes to take full efffect.

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