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Common misconceptions over health measures

Far-hoiggal cadjin bentyn da eeckyssyn sy çhirveish-slaynt

Y sleih smoo so-lhottey mastey yn phobble, bee ad foast er nyn goadey fo hreealtyssyn dy gheddyn rey rish caghlaa dy h-oardrailyn-lheihys nastee,  prowallyn-sooilley as eeckyssyn feeacklagh noa.

Ta shen grait dy lajer ec Shirveishagh Slaynt yn Ellan erreish da co-choyrle v'er ny lunney dy lowal da sleih ynnydagh gra ny t'ad coontey jeh caghlaa dy yiarraghyn-costys.

Ta ny treealtyssyn goaill stiagh bishaghey yn tailley cadjin jeh oardrailyn-lheihys as bishaghey yn costys jeh kiarail feeacklagh sy Çhirveish Slaynt Ashoonagh.

Agh ta Kate Beecroft gra dy vel far-hoiggal cadjin ayn bentyn da quoi veagh kerrit kyndagh rish ny plannyn.: 'Son shickyrys, cha nel eh kiarit dy beagh peiagh erbee kerrit. Bentyn da ny seyraghyn, tra v'ad currit er bun, cha row agh paart dy chonaantyn ayn dy beagh medshin nastee ayd car dty vea. Ta niart dy chonaantyn anchasley ayn nish. Yn ard-red va shin geearree, va shen dy yannoo cooishyn cairal da dy chooilley pheiagh. Dy firrinagh, lhisagh eh ve mychione, vod oo fordrail geeck red ennagh son dty oardrail-lheihys. Ta shin feer chiarailagh bentyn da shickyraghey dy vod gagh peiagh fordrail eh, as dy re yn red cheddin t'ayn son penshyneyryn. Penshyneyryn lesh çheet-stiagh injil, cha bee ad foast geeck, agh shegin dhyt briaght jeed hene, cre'n fa lhisagh ad ve lowit geddyn oardrailyn-lheihys nastee my ta çheet-stiagh mooar dy liooar oc?'

Common misconceptions over health measures

The most vulnerable people in society will still be protected under proposals to axe a range of free prescriptions, eye tests and introduce dental charges.

So insists the Island Health Minister after a consultation was launched to allow locals to have their say on a package of cost-saving measures.

They include raising the standard fee of prescriptions and inreases on pharmacy meds and NHS dental care.

However, Kate Beecroft says there are common misconceptions about who would be penalised under the plans: 'It's certainly not the intention to be penalising anybody. With regard to the exemptions, when they were brought in there were only a few conditions that you would have  free medication for life.  There's an awful lot of different conditions now.The main thing we wanted to do was to make it fair for everybody, and really it should be about whether you can afford to contribute to your prescriptions.   We're very careful  to make sure that it's affordable for everybody, and that s the same for pensioners.   Pensioners on a low income will still not be paying, but you have to ask yourself is it right for pensioners on a substantial income -  why would they be alllowed to have prescriptions for nothing?'

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