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Communication Workers' Union talks 'long and complex', admits Post Office chair

Coloayrtyssyn rish Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Hobbreeyn Chellinsh 'liauyr as cramp', ta caairlagh yn Oik Postagh dy ghoaill rish

Treisht ec Julie Edge son cooney y lught obbree ayns coloayrtyssyn 'sy traa ry heet

Ta caairlagh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin gra dy vel barganaghyn rish Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Hobbreeyn Chellinsh er argane er y gherrid er ve liauyr as cramp.

Va caghlaaghyn treealit da argid faill, kianglaghyn as conaantyn yn oyr son daa stholk Mee ny Nollick as Toshiaght Arree liorish olteynyn y Heshaght Cheirdey.

Agh v'eh fogrit magh Jecrean (15 Mee Voaldyn) dy row coardail er ve reaghit va goll er pohlldal ec 89% jeh ny olteynyn.

As ish loayrt ayns Mandate moghrey Jerdein (16 Mee Voaldyn), dooyrt Julie Edge dy row lhiggey lesh er dagh cheu as dy row treisht eck dy voddagh ad nish co-obbraghey rish y cheshaght cheirdey ayns barganaghyn 'sy traa ry heet.

AS JULIE EDGE : Ta feme ain jus er jannoo shickyr dy vel shin cur nyn lught obbree lhien tra bee coloayrtyssyn elley er y phension noa, as s'baghtal eh, er yn aarey faill argid. Agh, t'ou toiggal,  ta'n cochorp dellal as ny sheshaghtyn keirdey er soaighey jeh ny caghlaaghyn elley ta cooney lesh y dellal. T'ou toiggal, y pension son olteynyn t'ayn nish - t'ou toiggal, nee ad eeck toyrtyssyn elley, as, t'ou toiggal, ta'n pension noa raad ta'n argane ayn. Myr shoh ta shin dooney y skeim son ny olteynyn t'ayn nish as she'n skeim noa nee goll er resooney magh rish y cheshaght cheirdey.


Julie Edge hopes for workforce support in future talks

The chair of the Isle of Man Post Office says negotiations with the Communication Workers' Union over a recent dispute have been long and complex.

Proposed changes to pay, terms and conditions led to two strikes in December and February by Union members.

However, it was announced on Wednesday (15 May) a settlement had been reached and supported by 89% of members.

Speaking on Mandate on Thursday morning (15 May), Julie Edge said there had been compromise on both sides and she hoped they could now work with the union in future negotiations.

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