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'Community intervention key to tackling drug violence'

'Y voodeeys cheet eddyr ard scanshoil ayns cur rish raghlid cochianglt rish druggaghyn'

Ard Veoir Shee gra dy vel gangyn cosney drogh vondeish ass sleih saa

Ta'n ard veoir shee gra dy vel cheet eddyr liorish y voodeeys fer jeh ny aghtyn ard scanshoil dy chur lhiettyrymys er sleih aegey goll stiagh 'sy traght drug.

Shoh lurg da kimmeeys raghlid bishaghey 'syn Ellan son y trass vlein ass y cheilley, as paart jeh er coontey chaglym feeaghyn cochianglt rish druggaghyn.

Ta'n doilleeid er ny lorgey gys gangyn ayns Leyrphoyl, ta jannoo ymmyd jeh sleih saa myr delleyderyn, dy gheddyn bundeilyn, as dy ollaghey argid roie.

Ta'n Ard Veoir Shee Gary Roberts gra dy vel raghlid yn eiyrtys jeeragh jeh dellal druggaghyn, ga nagh vel ymmodee ta surranse geearree ny meoiryn shee dy heet dy ve cochianglt rish.

Ta data gyn enmyn veih rheynn gyere-cheim y thie lheiys soilshaghey magh y cochianglys eddyr kimmeeys raghlid as druggaghyn.

AS GARY ROBERTS : Ta lhiastynys dy mennick goll er ymmydey myr leshtal son raghlid, as sleih cooilleeney y lhiastynys trooid raghlid, t'ad chaglym y lhiastynys trooid raghlid: shen ta taghyrt. Ta sleih gymmydey cocaine, as ta beoyn ec cocaine cur lesh raghlid, ta sleih smoo raghtal as smoo lickly dy ve raghtal tra t'ad goaill cocaine. As 'sy trass ynnyd, as shoh smoo jeieanagh na ayns my huarastyl bleinoil, 'sy traa fo ghlass as lurg y traa fo ghlass, ta palchey corree as imnea er ve 'sy voodeeys, as ta sleih er nymmyrkey ad hene ayns aght elley 'sy tourey shoh na t'ad er nyannoo roie: ta paart dy raghlid er ve ayn er coontey shen. 

Chief constable says gangs exploiting younger people

The chief constable says community intervention is one of the key ways to stop young people entering the drug trade.

It's after violent crime has risen on the Island for a third year in a row, some of which is due to drug-related debt collection.

The problem has been traced to gangs in Liverpool, which use younger people as dealers, to receive packages, and hide cash. 

Chief Constable Gary Roberts says violence is a direct result of drug trafficking, though many who suffer don't want the police to get involved. 

Anonymised data from the hospital's emergency department supports the link between violent crime and drugs.

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