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Community pulling together to support post office bid

Pobble co-obbraghey dy phohlldal çheb oik postagh

Plan dy reayll ard-oik postagh Rhumsaa raad t'eh, t'eh çheet dy ve ny eab firrinagh jeant ec y phobble, cordail rish oltey jeh'n phossan va currit er bun jeeragh shen y chooilleeney.

Sheshaght Cho-obbragh Phostagh Rhumsaa, va currit er bun er y gherrid, chum ee e çhaglym jerrinagh ec y jerrey shiaghtin, ny lurg jee v'er n'eddyn sheeyney mee dy chur roish plannyn.

Dooyrt y Captan Nigel Malpass dy re çhaglym fondagh v'ayn, as ta jerkallys ayn dy vod treealtys mie goll er croo.

T'eh gra dy vel sleih kinjagh briaght vel ennaghtyn foast cho lajer bentyn da'n treealtys dy arraghey gys shapp Spar ta faggys da'n oik postagh. T'eh freggyrt dy vel yn ennaghtyn ny stroshey - ben ta bunnys keead blein dy eash, t'ee er chur çhyrrys huggey dy vel ee lane shickyr dy lhisagh yn çhirveish phostagh tannaghtyn myr t'ee. T'ee lane arryltagh dy heet as dy chur cooney.

Community pulling together to support post office bid

A plan to keep Ramsey's Crown Post office in its current home is turning into a true community effort, according to a member of the group set up to achieve just that.

The recently formed Ramsey Postal Co-operative held its latest meeting at the weekend after being given a month's extension to submit plans.

Captain Nigel Malpass says the meeting was a productive one, and there's optimism a good quality proposal can now be put together.

He says people keep asking if feelings about the planned relocation to a nearby Spar store remain as strong.

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